About Me

Welcome to Nursing Notes! After 8 years of community and state college I finally became a registered nurse! I wanted to share my experiences here with all of you. What better way to do that then blog?! It takes hard work and tears to be an RN. I never have an easy day but each day brings new experiences and each patient gives me the opportunity to make a positive influence. I hope my stories bring you joy. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me by clicking here.

Everybody loves an underdog: Forrest Gump, Billy Elliott and even Seabiscuit. Well, I think French America history is the underdog of our past! It wasn’t always on my radar however. It was only when I moved to Brittany that I started to learn more about early colonial history of this area and from there, I was hooked!

My name is Christine and I was born and raised in Brittany, France. I then lived in Montreal, Quebec, for 25 years and now find myself in Vermont, USA, after a short stint in China. My day job as a nurse is nowhere near related to the topic of this blog; it’s a subject I write about for pure passion!

French America history is a subject less talked about, which makes it a lot more mysterious and intriguing to me! When we learn about history, we hear about the heroes and the legends of our past. We never hear about the defeated. The more I read, the more I felt connected to these people who were from the place I grew up. I felt their heritage, how they took our land and expanded our culture hallway around the world.

I love reading about obscure, untold stories so expect to find a few of them! You’d be surprised what you find out when you really start looking for something. I don’t restrict to a certain era either. I love the 1500s as much as the present day!

The French in America were very much defeated by the British all the way back in 1763. Ignored by historians, behind their defeat is a rich and varied civilisation that’s gone untold. Generations of families lived here and yet, we don’t really know their story. I want to tell their story to you.

So come along and rediscover this fascinating part of history with me!