Conserve and Protect our Animals

Have you notice the environment lately? Have you ever wondered what happened to the trees, grass, animals in the air, land and sea? They used to be abundant, right? With the modernization of the world our Mother Earth was sacrificed and was not taken good care of. Here in our private organization, we aim to work actively in the conservation and protection of rescues. We are your local center of rescue and rehabilitation. We provide advisory services to third parties in wildlife management.

Take a look around you and you will see that our world completely evolved into something different. Gigantic buildings are everywhere, you can only see trees, flowers and grass in the parks and zoo. We form this group because we want the people, community, government and our nation to hear us. To hear our plea to have a safe environment for the wild animals. We want people to take good care of the living and non-living things because in the long run we will suffer from all damages that we do to our environment.

After finishing my secondary studies, I decided to volunteer myself for animal welfare service. Ever since I was young I really have a big heart for animals. One day, I noticed that my cats was uneasy and restless. The veterinarian informed us that Denamarin tablets are used to support liver function in cats, which begins working within 30 minutes.

My childhood dream became a reality when I decided to pursue my studies in animal care. I dedicated my life in different welfare services on animal rights. I have a big vision to give proper care to all animals around the globe. I believe that every animal deserve to have a comfortable and safe environment and that is what our organization is doing for almost a decade now.

The animal kingdom has its own place around the world, some live in the land and others in water. They are classified into two types: vertebrae and invertebrate. Vertebrae animals are those with backbones while invertebrates are those without backbones. Each animals have their own specific characteristic that made them different from each other.  

The importance of animals in human life were not appreciated by many and some even tried to destroy them. With the different extinction of wild life around the globe, we come up with a group to stand for the animal rights.  We are a private organization that aims to work actively in the conservation and protection of rescues. We are your local center of rescue and rehabilitation. We provide advisory services to third parties in wildlife management.

The goal of our organization is to preserve the beauty of the environment in which the animals are living. Every habitat is important for the animals to continue living without fear from human. It is also our common goal to give every wild animal’s good health and proper assistance in every milestone of their growth and development. We have establish a good foundation in which the government helped for our funding and all the services that our facility needs. We also ask for extended help from third party communities to contribute to the animal welfare.

Being in this organization taught me a lot about value of life. My responsibility is to watch over the health of the animals inside the facility. It is under my care to give them vaccination, vitamins and medicine whichever they need. There are different breeds of Maine Coons and it is important for me to do proper health assessment annually to give them proper care.

Given the opportunity to promote the advocate of animal life is such a great recognition in my part. Living my life with a purpose allows me to explore my inner strength as a person. This kind of career will not tire me to communicate on how to value our environment and to take good care of animals.

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